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Hello Pundit Vimal,

We wanted to send a huge thank you for all that you did to make our Hindu wedding such a spectacular event in Cancun! You wouldn't believe how many compliments we have received about our Hindu ceremony. You did such a phenomenal job and we couldn't be more pleased! Attached are a few professional pictures(sending in Two separate emails) in case you wanted to put any on your site or show future clients. Please let us know if we can ever be a reference for you.

                                                                                                                 Warmest regards,

                                                                                 Jessyca and Adam Hamby, Delaware  

Hi Vimalbhai,

Thank you for the wonderful ceremony you performed at our wedding. As always, there is a lot going on with weddings. Your flexibility and easy-going attitude when it came to our ceremony made it easier and so much more enjoyable- not only for us, but our families  as well. I had so many compliments from both sides of the family, as well as our American friends on what a fun, yet short and sweet ceremony it was. Some of our family was amazed how we were able to shorten the ceremony and still keep all the most important parts! Your guidance leading up to the event was incredibly helpful as well. Thank you again for all of your help.

-Shailee and Yasin, 

And yes, feel free to list me as a reference. I'd be happy to speak for you.


                                                                                                  Shailee  & Yasin, Virginia

Pundit Vimal is the most amazing Pundit in all of the land! He performed the most beautiful ceremony for our wedding! I'm Catholic, and my husband is Indian. He was 

 so good at bridging the gap in the ceremony and instead of making it seem like a ceremony, he included everyone! He has this way of speaking that is just so peaceful and so lovely. He has an amazing voice that just brings a sense of calm and serenity to every ceremony he does. Pundit Vimal personalizes all of his ceremonies and each one is different. He has a great sense of humor and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. We love Pundit Vimal and HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! He's the best! Not only is he talented in his speaking, but he's an artist as well.  Also, for those Brides (like me) who are picky, he is young and talented!

                                              Chuck and Karen, Washington DC

 Pundit Vimal was a marvelous !!!!!  Pundit Vimal Bhai , confidant, mentor and person and I am thrilled he was apart of our wedding. From the moment he met us, he not only listened to what we desired in our service he executed our desires to perfection. He was warm, caring and patient. He was flexible to our wants and needs and was a true bright spot in regards to our vendors. Our wedding was at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills and our ceremony was showered with tree's, flowers, draping, lighting.... the works.... & after the ceremony what everyone mentioned first was Pundit Vimal Bhai; how well he spoke, how gracious he came off and how wonderful his small stories and anecdotes were.  

      Shivam and Antonia, Beverly Hills, CA 


Dear Panditji,

We all want to thank you for being part of our wedding ceremony and for conduction the ceremony. We really enjoyed the entire ceremony and found it very meaningful. It was so nice you have you there at the wedding. All of our friends and family members  appreciated your style as well. Lot of my friends commented that it was a great experience for their kids to be witnessing a proper traditional Indian wedding but at the same time understanding the meaning of all the rituals.

Thank you again for blessing us during the occasion.


                                                                                            Prateep and Sureena, New York

Pundit Vimalji was wonderful! We had dinner with him before our wedding and got to know him a little better. He's an amazing and very interesting man. Our ceremony went flawlessly. He's funny and personal and the guests raved about him after. We could not have asked for a better Priest. He was engaging, funny, and the ceremony was very touching. So many people came up to us later complimenting Punditji! He is very easy to work with. Punditji made our ceremony fun and uplifting. A very  spiritual.                                                                                                   
                                                                                                             Dr, Bobbie and Sky, NY

Pundit Vimalji saved our wedding! We booked our officiant early (like 8 months early)

and he cancelled on us three days before the wedding. We were in a panic. We called and emailed every vendor on Wedding Wire, The Knot, the phone book. We spoke to a few priests over the phone, but Pundit Vimal was absolutely the best! He responds to email quickly, which was very important to the working bride to be. He is efficient and has tons of experience. He is very flexible, but makes excellent suggestions. He met with us and got to know us a little before putting our ceremony together. He was fantastic to work with. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found him. Our ceremony was memorable and there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

                                                                                                    Drs.,Dimple and Laura, NY


Pundit Vimal was the perfect officiant for our wedding ceremony. We received many post-ceremony comments from our guests that he set such a fun and meaningful tone that made our wedding a most special night for everyone. His ability to blend the sacred and the meaningful aspects of the ceremony with light humor was special. We would recommend him to anyone.  
                                                                                                                  Nili and Todd, DC       


Very friendly, responsive, great follow through and beautiful service! Got many nice comments about his officiating after our wedding. Highly recommended! Punditji YOU are definitely doing my sister's  marriage next year!!       

                                                                                                     Sachin and Stephanie, NJ


Vimal Bhai brought our wedding to life. He worked with us throughout the process and helped make our ceremony better than we could ever expected. Everyone was blown away by how professional your were, we would definitely recommend you for anyone who wants to a memorable experience.  
                                                                                           Parthiv and Shweta, Detroit,MI


Vimalji performed the most beautiful ceremony for our beloved daughter Angie on July 27, 2012. He made their wedding feel very special and personal to us. His approach was very warm, spiritual, loving, and fun. I would highly recommend Pundit Vimal for your wedding! My daughter is very picky, and I'm glad she chose Vimalji for her memorable event. 
                                                                        Dr. Mahesh and Asha, Parents of Angie, NJ


Vimal Bhai customized the whole wedding ceremony. He is the perfect blend of warmth spirituality, and humor. Out of all the wedding comments we received, praise to the Pundit was the common theme. He included the guests in the ceremony, and no matter the size of venue, he makes the audience and the couple feel completely comfortable and special.           
                                                                                                        Sheena and Naveen, NJ


Pundit Vimal was the perfect priest for our wedding ceremony. We received many post-ceremony from our guest that he set such fun and meaningful tone that made our wedding a most special night for everyone. His ability to blend the sacred and the meaningful aspects of the ceremony with light humor was special. We recommend him to anyone.
                                                                                 Gaurang and Pratichi, Alexandria, VA

Friendly, easy to work with and was great at explaining the ceremony from beginning to end! Would totally recommend his services to everyone.!   Shri Vimal was fantastic. From start to finish, he was very professional, friendly, and flexible. We had an interfaith marriage and in addition to Pundit Vimal, we had a Rabbi to co-officiate our wedding. Pundit Vimal not only met with us and spoke to us at length before the wedding so that we were all comfortable, but he also met with our Rabbi one-on-one before our wedding as well. It clearly made all the difference for the ceremony because we got so many comments about how beautifully Pundit Vimal and our Rabbi worked together to make the ceremony absolutely unforgettable. Words like "incredibly harmonious" and "the most beautiful interfaith ceremony" were some of the ways our guests described our ceremony with Pundit Vimal. We felt incredibly comfortable with VimalJi and we are so glad we chose him for our special day. We would absolutely recommend him to others for their ceremony and we cannot thank VimalJi enough for making our ceremony incredible! We could have not asked for a better Priest.
                                                                                     Monica and Patrick, Savannah, Ga  

Priest Vimal is PHENOMENAL! He was kind, patient, understanding, listened and accommodated all of our needs and desires for our ceremony. Afterwards we received so many compliments about how beautiful, meaningful and special our ceremony was. I could not recommend Priest Vimal enough. He was 2 hours early for our marriage. We had 2 Skype and 1 Facetime meetings to plan for the special day. He is an absolute must have for your wedding ceremony.                                                         Nishi and Franics, Macon, Ga 



Where do I begin? 
Thank you, Priest Vimal sooo sooo very much for officiating at our wedding. You were extremely patient, polite, punctual, and most importantly, extremely professional! You really listened to what we wanted and conquered! We will be forever thankful for what you have done, combining both religions to one beautiful wedding! 
All our love!!?                                                       Love, Vinnie and Candise, NJ



Priest Vimal was wonderful! He was so workable and did a fantastic job officiating my wedding. It was so intimate and he was there with everything that I needed. He is awesome!       

                                                                                             Sharaddha and Kelvin, PA


Such a wonderful experience! It was hard to find an interfaith Priest Vimal, but Priest Vimal  was so helpful and did so much for us. He really customized the wedding to meet our needs. I recommend him for any event! He came with all puja items.

                                                                                              Noopur and Corrado, NY

Priest Vimal was excellent to work with! He was so nice, professional, and caring. He was easy to get in touch with and was always willing to answer any questions we had. The Priest Vimal and Reverand Lamey worked so well together like they had known us forever and known each other forever. The guests of the wedding could not stop complimenting on how beautiful the ceremony was. On top of being there the day of and being prepared with any items we needed for the ceremony, he also filed our marriage certificate. I highly recommend him!                                                Courtney and Rahul,   MD



From our first contact with Priest Vimal ,we were assured that what we wanted was going to happen with his guidance. Everything from the acquisition of the marriage license to the arrangement of the actual ceremony was flawless. He is very easy to get along with and is quite witty and warm. His charming and polite mannerisms, along with the deep and profound meaning he brought to our day, has made this one of the most special occasions of our lives. Kelli and I were relaxed while at the same time fully enjoying every moment of our well planned and streamlined ceremony on the beach. We recommend Priest Vimal in the highest regard. He is the one you are looking for in New York City.  

                                                                                                        Rahul and Hien, TN


Pandit ji Vimal was extraordinary!! He married my Husband and I on April 19,2016 and everything just went so smooth. He met with us prior to the event to go over the details. He was extremely professional and had all details in writing and. He provided us with written documentation of exactly how the ceremony would be. We felt worry free the entire time leading up to our big day and the day of he arrived 2 hours early to make sure we were comfortable, he brought all puja items with him. During the ceremony he was kind, considerate and very genuine. Couldn't have been happier with his service.

                                                                                                   Jessica and Dipesh, DE


We had an interfaith wedding and Priest Vimal was very flexible about every part of the service to make sure that both of us, and our families, felt comfortable. He was fine with any changes that we requested, and also made some helpful suggestions for things we could add. Throughout the whole process leading up to our wedding he was friendly, easygoing, and made sure that we were totally prepared. On our wedding day he was very professional- not to mention he showed up about 2.5 hours early-- but also added some humor which everyone appreciated (we were not a serious crowd). Overall I can't recommend him enough. I am incredibly happy that we chose him to perform our ceremony.


                                                                                              Drs. Vanessa and Sai, NY 

'Thank you, thank you, thank you! You were the hit of the party. So many of our friends have written and mentioned how lovely the ceremony was and how much they enjoyed meeting you. You and Fr. Jim made a wonderful team. Thanks again for making our dreams come true.'   

                                                                                                       Anita and Scott, AL


We cannot thank you enough for the most amazing ceremony! It meant everything to us. Everyone said it was the most beautiful and emotional wedding ceremony they had ever attended. They also said how much they learned and were so interested in your explanations of the Hindu traditions. We really cannot explain to you how happy we were that day and your words moved us. You really got to know us and everyone there could tell.'

                                                                                               George and Chandni, NJ


'Mike and I would like to thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. We had a great time working with you and getting to know you. You made the day personal, comfortable, and fun. Everyone is still raving about the ceremony and what a fabulous job you did. We're so happy to have met you and that we can always think back to our wedding day with smiles on our faces. ''How can we thank you enough? The ceremony was everything we dreamed it would be. Thank you for spending an enormous amount of time getting to know us as individuals and as a couple. We never thought in our search for an indian priest that we'd make this heartfelt connection. You made us laugh but most importantly you reminded us to be in the moment. We will forever remember your words, our vows, and the kindness and spirit you have shared. Thank you so very much. '                             

                                                                              Mike and Meeli, Shannon, Ireland 


'Thank you so much for all your help, love, and support at our wedding! You made it so special and loving and everything was perfect. The wedding we had exactly wished for. We cannot tell you how many people came up to us and told us how special the ceremony was. We are so happy! You are a very special and extraordinary person and we are truly blessed to have had you be the one to marry us. Thank you for all of it and we really hope to see you again and thank you in person.'              

                                                                                                      Tarjani and John, PA