Marriage list only 

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Items needed by Priest


Lagna( MARRIAGE)  only


Havan kund, foil and matches

3 bowls 

4 spoons

4 Thali

2 box of havan samagri

4 Kapoor boxes

Ghee bottle new

10 Cotton balls/ divet

Diva holder


Dry coconuts halfs 2 and firelogs




Ganesh Poojan


Ganpati murti and red cloth 1 1/2 meter long White Cloth 1 1/2 meter

Flowers 4 bunches 

Saffron box

Bajot and Wheat Rice Appx 5 lbs each

11 soparis   flowers daroi (durva)

1 dish to wash hands

Tissues to dry hands

Towel to dry god


3 Thali, Rice, Kum Kum, Abil Gulal,

Tarbhanu (copper plate)

3 thalis and 5 katori’s- var bedu

Panchamrut- milk yogurt honey ghee sugar

3 coconuts

Aarti Holder


Dhoop Stick


1 dry coconut

1 Fruit

2 Lighter


For Lagna

Garland 3 of them    Your responsibility. See below

Pokvanu saman -Kanku indi pindi sampoot vaatki 4 of them

Antarpat and var mala ( Griva Sutra)

Mangla surtra

Paans- Nagar Veil not Ready made ones-  5

Sindoor- Vermillion powder



If you are bringing in all items, please bring in all items that are listed on this page including 

Vastradaan - a pant and a shirt for the priest 

Size for Shirt - Medium 15 1/2 33 by 30

Pant size - 34 by 30 slim fit 

And 4 envelopes with $51 totaling $204

---Your responsibility ---

If the Priest is bringing puja items for an additional charge - See contract- then you are responsible for the following items.

Flowers, 3 bunches

Garlands for the Bride and Groom


Bajots- wooden chairs

Wedding Rings,


Vastra Daan Shirt size 15 1/2  slim fit

 Pant size 34 by 30 Navy Blue color or Khaki

-           4 envelopes with $51 total of $201 The Priest will not accept used/ torn clothing. You may cut the lower end of the price tag. 

Please note ** Below items are mostly common for  Gujrati's, Sindhi's, Katcchi, Marwadi and Rajestani's family backgrounds

Kansar to feed bride and groom

Big Paper for Hand prints

Conch for Akki Beki

Cheda Gathndu

Raman Divo

Varath, Kari Gathi, Samith Na Lakda or Chandan Na lakda, Ganesh Matli, Mai Dev Matla

Khes,Gujarda, Moad, Mai Dev Matla, Gothrej Gado, 


Please call 973 778 3117 for any questions!!