List for Baby Shower

Lord Ganpati Murti

1 copper plate to place Ganpati- Tarbhanu

Baby Shower Rakhi (Rakhdi) 

Bajot- a small wooden stool to place god

Aarti Kapur

1 Kalash (Copper Vase)

2 Bunch of Flowers

1 new ghee bottle

Saffron ( Kesar ) small Box
2 Nadachadi/Mauli packets
Pooja Box ( Abil, Gulal, Kanku, Sindoor, Agarbatti, Stand for Agarbatti)
Rice appx 2 lbs

1 small box of Kesar- Saffron

Chandan -Indian SandalWood
Wheat  1 packet (1 lb)
Dry fruits for prasad (Almonds, Cashews etc..) Eilaichi ( elchi) and laving (Cinnamon)
Fruits ( Apples, Oranges, Banana) for prasad and pooja
Lawn (Daroi) for Ganpati pooja ,Tulsi paan, 

Regular Nagar Vail pan ( The ones that we eat) BUT not ready made
2 Coconuts
panchamrut ( yogurt, milk, honey , sugar, ghee),
kharak 1 packet
Water jug, copper loto for pooja
Thali 4-5, spoons, vatki 5, small dishes 5,
Aarti, bell
2 Small bowls to wash hands
Aasan to sit on (or clean blankets/ comforters/pillows)
paper napkins, or tissues
1 handkerchief to dry god
Patlo, or Bajat to sit on if available or if not make sure you have 2 small boxes.
Matches, cotton for diva and aarti, diva holder
Sopari 15
Red and white cloth pieces 1 of each

Cotton Divet ready made at home. 

Cotton to make Diya

Vastra Daan - Shirt size medium 15 1/2 32/33 pant size 34 by 30 SLIM FIT -- The priest will not accept used/torn clothing. You may cut the lower end of the price tag.

 60 Quarters for 9 planets

Sidhu- For Brahmin Which consists of Rice, Flour, Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Ghee, Oil, Sugar, and $Cash envelope and subzi, vegetables

7 Kammar Kakdi

7 pennies

7 Kharek

7 Elchi

7 Laving

7 almonds


1 coconut

1 red piece of red cloth

1 copper lota - Kalash

You are responsible for all puja items.  Please call 973 778 3117 for questions.