Graha Santi List




Buy Pooja Samagri Box from Indian Grocery stores- Lord Ganpati, Goddess Laxmi, Ghee,Aarti Holder, Aarti, cotton for Diya, Mala, Shuddh Ganga Jal, Roli, Sindoor, Supari, Kapur, Janeau, Haldi, Wheat 1 bag Akshat(Rice),1 bag  Flora Incense Sticks, Dry Dhoop Sticks, Match Box, Rui (Cotton) Batti, Red Cloth,White Cloth, Madhu (Honey), Kesar, Moli 3 packets, Deepak, Mishri.  Hawan Samagri Box, Ilayachi, Pili Sarson, Kalash, Mehandi, Sambhrani & Artificial Coconut if travelling to another country if not 3 real coconuts. Panchratan, Gud, Safed chandan powder, flowers, fruits at least 4-5 kinds, Kacha suta, Panpatta AKA Nagar Vail paan 15,Hawan Samagri Box


Ganeshji ka wastra – Shirt size 15 ½ medium size shirt, Pant Size 33 by 30,


 Gehu,Shakar,Achmani (spoons-Napkins) Supari at least 25, 21 quarters,

Flowers, yogurt,lawn for ganeshji




   Wedding Ceremony




   A Wedding Pavilion with Two Decorated Chairs for the Bride and Groom


  Proper Wedding Garments


   Wedding Symbols for both Bride and Groom (Rings, Gold Chain, or Mangal Sutra  Necklace)


   Anterpat (A Long Piece of Fabric or A Shawl to hold between Bride and Groom at the time of Magalashtak)


   A  Shawl for Groom for Granthi Bandhan (Tieing the knot)




   Supplies that might be at home


  Picture and Small Statue of Shree Ganesh


   Small Table (2)


   Small Statue of Shree Laxminarayan or Laxmi Coin


   Red & White Cloth




   Madhuparka (mixture of ghee, honey, and yogurt)


   Lawn Grass






   Paper Towel Roll


   Pooja Plates




    Supplies available at the supermarket




  Mauli or Nada Chadi


   Flower Garlands (2 Small and 4 Big for the Bride and Groom)


   Five types of Fruit




   Wooden Spoon (from dollar store they have 3 cooking spoons for $1)


   Coconuts (2)


   Bricks (5)




   Wheat 5 lbs


  Rice 5 lbs


 Rolli or kum kum or kanku




   Supplies available at the Indian Grocery Store


Bajot 4

Pooja Article Box




SAPTAPADI 7 SOPARIES decorated ones




   Supari/Betel Nuts (21)


   Paan/Betel Leaves (15)




   Hawan Kunda




   Kalash (1)






   Hawan Samagri Box 3




   Cotton or Cotton Batti for lamps


   Janeu(Sacred, White Thread)


   Chandan box






For $125 Dollars I am willing to Bring Everything  EXCEPT















YOU still have to buy Ganesh Vastra Daan Shirt Size Medium 15 ½ and Pant Size 33 by 30. And you still have to provide 25 quarters, and THREE envelopes with $25 dollars EACH totaling $75 dollars.




                                                Please call 973 778 3117 for any questions!!!!